We are
The Game Changers

We are a team of passionate creatives, innovators, psychologists, designers, mentors and Haribo enthusiasts brought together with one common goal: To end bullying and to resolve the harmful impacts once and for all.


Liam / Founder & CEO

The visionary behind Ditch the Label, overseeing all of our activity in the UK, USA and Mexico. Eats a lot.


Sue / HR & Partnerships

The one responsible for keeping the Ditch the Label machine well oiled and maintained. Likes to wear hats.


Alice / Student Outreach & Support

The graduate who is still a student at heart and works closely with our Student Ambassadors and University partners. Has an amazingly soothing voice.


Lana / Content Coordinator

Responsible for all of our super awesome features, articles and interviews. Is *currently* vegan.


Rosie / Support

Always on hand to deliver our pioneering support services online. Usually chewing gum.


Darcy / Events & Fundraising

Responsible for making sure we pay our bills and continue to grow financially. Has the best handwriting.


Nicola / Engagement

Oversees our influencer and celebrity engagement programs. Has the cutest sausage dog in the world.


George / General Assistant

Helps to make sure we get stuff done. Has the longest surname.

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Nuestra ideología es trabajar duro y divertirnos mucho mientras lo hacemos.
Si crees en un mundo donde todos somos iguales y donde debemos de vivir libres de cualquier acoso, entonces somos el lugar correcto para ti.
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